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Read the interview here: – Hi everyone, Michael Ferreira here from and we’re getting ready to do another best of Southbury Business Spotlight. We’re at 250 Main Street South in Southbury and we’re getting ready to go in and speak with Trish Eastwood, Massage Therapist and Owner of Natural Balance Massage. Come on, let’s go! – Welcome everyone to another episode of the Best of Southbury Business Spotlight. My name is Michael Ferreira from I am here with Trish Eastwood. Trish, welcome!

Trish Eastwood (Natural Balance Massage) – Thank you. – So Trish, when did you start your business and how many locations are you currently in?

Trish Eastwood (Natural Balance Massage) – So I started here in Southbury in 2002, right after I graduated from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy. So that was 20 years ago. It’s our 20 year anniversary. I’m proud of that and then, I opened up the Watertown* location in 2008.

* The Watertown location has moved to:

  • 2030 Straits Turnpike, Middlebury, CT 06762 – So why did you choose Southbury as one of your locations?

Trish Eastwood (Natural Balance Massage) – Well, at the time while I was going to school, I was working in Southbury. I was working at Southbury Training School and I always thought Southbury was such a beautiful town and as it turns out, it is a great town to do business in. So I started, I started here after I graduated. – That’s great.

Trish Eastwood (Natural Balance Massage) – Yeah, it’s really and I also live in Southbury now, so I moved to Heritage Village four years ago so, you know, it works out great. – Perfect. – So what are some of the treatments that you and your therapists perform here and which ones are some of the more popular ones?

Trish Eastwood (Natural Balance Massage) – So probably the most popular treatment we have here is, deep tissue work for chronic pain. All of our massage therapists are very professional and very strong and able to relieve chronic pain through deep tissue work. A lot of people are working from home on the computers these days, so we have a lot of people coming in for a lot of upper body work, shoulders, neck, back but we also do Swedish massage, which is just for relaxation and stress relief. We have enhancements like aromatherapy and hot stone massage that we could add to any massage. – So Trish, as a business owner and a massage therapist, you’ve been doing this for 20 years here at Natural Balance. What keeps you motivated?

Trish Eastwood (Natural Balance Massage) – Well, I would say passion for the industry is what keeps me motivated. You know, massage therapy is a very, very important service and people understand these days that it plays a great role in stress reduction. The other thing that keeps me motivated is I have a great team and that’s really important in any industry. So I would say those two things are really important in keeping me motivated but we’re really lucky to have a lot of great loyal clients that, you know, constantly give us feedback and just make us feel really good about our jobs.

Customer Testimonial – Hi, I’m Bonnie Wilson and I am a fan of massage therapy and have been coming here at Natural Balance for years. I think since Trish first opened. My family comes. We love it! They are such a good massage center for you. There’s different therapists, which I’ve used over the years. They are great! I’ve never left here , not rejuvenated and not relaxed. I guess that’s why Trish is celebrating her 20 year anniversary. Congratulations, Trish! – So I know you have a lot of loyal clients that have been coming to you for years. What is it about getting a new client that really excites you?

Trish Eastwood (Natural Balance Massage) – Well, of course every industry, every business needs both to survive but I have to say, when somebody comes in and says that they’re getting a massage for the first time, my heart skips a beat because I know that I’m providing an experience for them, that they’re gonna be like, ‘Wow, what have I been missing all this time!?’ – Right, Right. – So Trish, thank you for being on the Best of Southbury Business Spotlight. It was a pleasure to sit here with you and learn more about your business.

Trish Eastwood (Natural Balance Massage) – Well, you’re quite welcome. Thank you for taking the time. – Awesome. Everyone watching, we are going to put the contact information for Natural Balance at the bottom of your screen there. We’re also gonna have it at the end of the video. Come in, schedule a massage with Natural Balance. You’re gonna love it! Take care and have a great day!

Trish Eastwood (Natural Balance Massage) – Bye everybody! – Bye.

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