Christ the Savior Orthodox Church

The mission of Christ the Savior Orthodox Church is to proclaim and live out the gospel of our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ as it has been handed down to us since apostolic times. By the grace of the Holy Spirit, we:

  • Worship in the fullness of joy and truth.
  • Unite ourselves with Christ through sacramental life.
  • Reach out and care for others in love.

By being faithful to this life, we are transformed into the Body of Christ, bringing the Kingdom of God to all.

The first step in building an Orthodox church is the planting of the cross. The cross for Christ the Savior Church was made of cedar by Don Cole, a parishioner. On November 16, 2003 it was planted at the spot where the altar would be in the new church. This cross is now planted in the center of the island in front of the church and is lit throughout the night.


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